UPVC Pipes & Fittings for Sewerage & Drainage

High Pressure, Sewerage & Drainage
MaxFlow PVC pipes are manufactured using the latest technologies and top of the line raw material. We ensure our pipes are produced with more than 95% resin and only less than 5% of other agents of total mixture. These practices ensure that our pipes NOT ONLY conform to the Pakistan Standards PS 3051(1991) and BS•3505 but fa, exceed these standards and hence creating new bench, marks.

Each stage of the process of pipe manufacturing is strictly monitored which results in the high purity and mechanical strength of MaxFlow PVC pipes. Where are MaxFlow PVC Pipes Used? MaxFlow PVC pipes are used in wide applications of liquid transfer. MaxFlow PVC pipes are light weight. durable. thermoplastic, resistant to corrosion and abra¬sion. have good Fire retardant and insulation properties. As per the pressure requirement different classes of MaxFlow pipes can be used accordingly.

Some of the most common application are:

Water Distribution: MaxFlow PVC pipes can be used for household or for municipal sector i.e water supply application can be divided into internal and external use. In both sectors MaxFlow PVC pipes stands out to its competitor' For internal use. MaxFlow PVC pipes will not affect the taste. odor or the purity of household drinking water. When used in external, deposits and scales will not build up inside the pipe clue to its slippery surface, and its strength is also greater than the conventional pipes used.

litigation: MaxElow PVC pipes are ideal for the usage of Irrigation. It is highly resistant to fertilizers and insects.
The inhabitants cannot attack MaxFlow PVC pipes.

Wall Thicknes

Weight of PVC Pipes Per Meter (Minimum)