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PPRC Clean Water Pipes & Accessories

Distinguish Features of PPRC

One of the most important features of PPRC raw material is its usage in diverse areas and applications. Initially it was introduced in the market as a substitute of Galvanised Iron pipe for plumbing applications. But with great advantages to offer, today PPRC can be used in industrial, commercial and domestic transport of hot & cold fluids..

PPRC Pipes & Accessories
PPRC pipes are produced through a group of machines called as extruder line and the their fittings are manufactured in the injection moulding plants. The production manufactured with 20mm ~ 110mm range can be produced in various colors. The colors have no positive or negative impact on the quality.

PPRC pipes, valves and its connecting parts make up the whole PPRC piping system. The network of pipes is distributed and connected in the designed area through molded fittings (socket, elbow, tee etc.) and valves are installed in certain areas to manage the flow of liquids.

Metal Part Fittings
Metal fittings are produced for the connection of gear parts on the line.

Connection method also referred as welding of the piping joints is simple and healthy welding can be performed with 1-2 hour training.
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