SCH-80 Fittings
PVC SCH-80 Pipes, Fittings & Valves

High Pressures, Temperatures & Strong Chemical Resistance
PVC Sch80 Pressure Fittings are widely used in water treatment plants, industrial and high pressure applications.

For Pressure Fittings MaxFlow represents “SEKISUI SANKING” of Taiwan. Sanking is undoubtedly the leading manufacturer in quality of PVC SCH-80 Fitting and Valves.

MAXFLOW PVC & CPVC pipe have a number of outstanding features, such as high chemical resistance, easy installation, and reasonable price, which can lead to the reduction of total construction cost. Sanking PVC and CPVC can or should replace other materials of construction in size ranges available for all sorts of piping systems.

CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) is another rigid pipe which has three highly-desirable characteristics, good mechanical strength at high temperatures and higher chemical resistance and relatively compared to metal. CPVC polymer is more chlorinated into PVC polymer. This extra chlorine is responsible for the material’s high- temperature strength and other properties which are valuable for industrial piping. For pressure piping applications, it is recommended for temperatures as high as 200°F compared with 140°F of PVC.

MAXFLOW Sch80 PVC & CPVC Pipe ranging in sizes from 1/2” through 24”, and PVC fittings and PVC valves are available for light, medium, and heavy duty use.

PVC and CPVC are environmentally friendly poly- mer in terms of low carbonic acid gas emission in manufacturing process