MAXFLOW PPR clean water pipe and accessories are produced from Polypropylene Random Copolymer raw material having low melt flow rate, high molecular weight and good flexibility.
High Pressures, Temperatures & Strong Chemical Resistance
PVC Sch80 Pressure Fittings are widely used in water treatment plants, industrial and high pressure applications.
For Pressure Fittings MaxFlow represents “SEKISUI SANKING” of Taiwan. Sanking is undoubtedly the leading manufacturer in quality of PVC SCH-80 Fitting and Valves.
High Pressure, Sewerage & Drainage
MaxFlow PVC pipes are manufactured using the latest technologies and top of the line raw material. We ensure our pipes are produced with more than 95% resin and only less than 5% of other agents of total mixture. These practices ensure that our pipes NOT ONLY conform to the Pakistan Standards PS 3051(1991) and BS•3505 but fa, exceed these standards and hence creating new bench, marks.
Made in U.S.A Especially for MAXFLOW Piping Systems
Quart (32Oz / 946ml), Pint(16Oz /480ml), ½ Pint (8Oz / 237ml), ¼ Pint (4Oz / 118ml)
MAXFLOW High Quality Thread Tape
Specification of Maxflow PE 100
Don’t allow fittings to dislocate or rapture.
Water proof performance with minimum 50 years life gauranty.
Distinctive Characteristics
Providing reliablity and ease of use in Natural Gas Systems.